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Industry 4.0 is First and Foremost a Development of Human Resources in a Smart Factory

Smart industry, also known as Industry 4.0 or Smart Manufacturing, is the integration of several technologies that have become economically profitable for performance, stability and agility of production processes in a connected and integrated factory.

Is Industry 4.0 the replacement of humans in the factory by machines, by robots/cobots, by digital systems, by artificial intelligence, etc.?

At ADDIXO, we believe that people must be at the center of any successful factory transformation. The success of the transformation of shopfloor processes therefore depends on increasing the skills, motivation, and commitment of plant personnel.

The consequence of this approach is the development of the company business, the improvement of its performance and the satisfaction of its customers.

Indeed, through our offerings and solutions, we believe that technology must put people at the center of the factory.

Industry 4.0 or Smart Factory involves the implementation in the shopfloor of a set of technological solutions in order to make the operator’s work easier, more comfortable, and more efficient with greater added value:

  • Equipment is much more efficient and smarter.
  • The use of vision allows better/easier control of product quality.
  • Augmented reality helps the operator in complex editing operations.
  • Robots/cobots assist the operator in very repetitive basic assembly operations with low added value.
  • The digitization of the factory allows operators and managers to have the information they need in real time and to value the information they make available to others.
  • BigData for industry coupled with AI and Deep Learning algorithms identifying patterns and correlations usually impossible o requiring a very long experience
  • Etc.

We at ADDIXO, see human is at the center of the Industry 4.0 transformation. Engaging human resources in the transformation of the factory is essential for this transformation to be successful.

To conclude, I would say that Industry 4.0 transformation cannot be successful if it is approached as over-automation / mechanization of the factory. Its success depends on showcasing people in the factory.


April 2021

CEO & Founder