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ADDIXO Smart Factory MES

ADDIXO Smart Factory

ADDIXO Smart Factory is an MES solution to digitize your manufacturing processes. It acts as an information broker of all the shop floor data and events regardless of their sources.

ADDIXO Smart Factory integrates the production processes by connecting all the stakeholders, equipment, tools, information system components. Thus, it offers a real-time view and KPI of the production progress, production parameters and quality

ADDIXO Smart Factory helps you to smoothly implement lean “zero-paper” processes.

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ADDIXO Smart Factory MES platform

Key Benefits

ADDIXO Smart Factory is natively designed for digitilizing manufacturing processes.
ADDIXO Smart Factory
is an MES solution of a fully integrated production management bringing the following benefits.

  • Control and optimization product quality thanks to stable and automated processes
  • Reactivity through real-time control and synchronization of all parties and resources
  • Fast decision making thanks to reliable and fast flow of information
  • Easier customization of products through an automated production platform setup
  • Optimization and control of machines working time (OEE)
  • Respect for the environment through a “zero paper” factory
  • Empowered human resources focused upon added-value tasks
  • Reduced resources usage (i.e. energy)







Key Capabilities

  • Broker of all data for shop floor events
  • 360° view of your factory
  • Real-time production control and monitoring
  • Quality supervision and monitoring
  • Integrated workflow digitalization for “zero-paper” factory
  • Subscription-based, multi-channel alerts and notifications
  • Production and maintenance synchronization
  • Energy consumption monitoring
  • Product traceability and genealogy
  • Integration with enterprise information systems
  • Digital Work Instructions

ADDIXO Smart Factory is a state-of-the-art MES technology to smoothly move to Industry 5.0 era offering a fully integrated real time view of all shop-floor production processes and resources usage

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