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Smart Machines






Flexible, Modular, High Performance Machines

Automated machines for optimum industrial production performance.

Modular and flexible machines to support multiple version/variants and easily adapt to changes in production processes.

Smart machines to be able to proactively manage production.
Connected machines to provide data for production efficiency.

Agile Process in Constant Improvement

Agile and integrated processes constantly improving to achivev operational excellence in the shopfloor.

Operations driven by committed teams.

Digitalized manufacturing processes driven by shared data.
Processes integrating seamlessly  machines, teams and information systems.

Integrated and Digitalized Industrial Operations

The integration of machines, processes, information systems (MOM/MES, ERP, SCM, CMMS, etc.) , makes it possible to have a reliable, unique and shared truth of the manufacturing operations.

Integrated industrial operations in order to be able to promptly correct any deviations.
Integrated industrial operations to be able to help the different departments of the shopfloor to operate as a team.


Connected machines along with digitalized processes provides valuable production data/information.

Real-time and automatic data collection of manufacturing operations allows rapid adjustments in case of any deviation.

Historic data opens the way to advanced manufacturing tools, particularly with new artificial intelligence algorithms.


ADDIXO offers its industrial customers a large catalog of high-precision automated cable processing machines, custom smart machines, test benches, and high-value services to help them accelerate their development and improve their industrial operations.

ADDIXO stands out for the quality of its solutions, the technical expertise of its teams with state-of-the-art know-how for the management of complex projects.

We have demonstrated along our long experience, hundreds of successful projects, our know-how and engineering capacity for the design and integration of smart equipment solutions.

Cable Processing Platform

Integrated machine platform for automated processing (assembly and testing) of coax date cables and connectors

Custom Machines

Custom assembly and testing machines by a new generation integrator serving demanding projects

ADDIXO’s Smart Equipment solutions cover the entire project life cycle from concept, mechanical/electrical/automatic/software design, manufacturing, roll-out to production and maintenance of custom machines.

It is at the heart of our development and transformation offering intended for industrial operators.

ADDIXO is an integrator of custom production and test machines putting digital at the heart of a new generation of smart machines.

ADDIXO stands out for:

ADDIXO distinguishes itself by mastering the entire life cycle of the project. We intervene as soon as the concept is defined. We carry out mechanical, electrical, and automatic design. We pick up the appropriate measurement technologies, and the choice of robotization solutions.
We realize (most of the) manufacturing part of the projects, the mechanical assembly, the wiring, the automatic development, the development of measuring tools, the installation of robots, the programming and integration of cameras.
We carry out the full integration, testing and rollout of the solution.
We support our customers until production stabilization with an organized transfer of to the customer’s maintenance teams supported by comprehensive documentation.
We offer support and maintenance contracts to customers who so desire.

Thanks to our tailor-made process we guarantee the success of custom production machines and test benches projects. We can intervene very early in the project as soon as the concept is being defined. We can also intervene based customer general or detailed specifications. In any case, we endeavor very early on, from the commercial phase, to identify and formalize the requirements and constraints of the project and the risks and failures of the solution. For us, a successful custom machine project begins with sharing the challenges, requirements, risks and constraints of the project.

ADDIXO build its technical mastery thanks to our technical know-how, the expertise of our teams, our engineering platform and our constant investment in innovation and the training of our teams.
We work with the client to properly identify the client’s technical requirements.
We invest hugely to master the customer specific processes and standards.
We design our solutions by capitalizing upon our engineering platform and customer standards.
Thus, ADDIXO is committed to offering our customers the most efficient and most efficient technical solutions.

ADDIXO also distinguishes itself by a constant investment in innovation and R&D in order to integrate the most advanced and efficient technologies without forgetting the economic dimension such as augmented reality, digital twins, digitalization, artificial intelligence, robotization, industrial vision, IoT for industry, etc.
Our special machines include a digital option thanks to our MOM/MES ADDIXO Smart Factory product.

ADDIXO has invested in a strong organizational culture and project management know-how in compliance with international best practices.
We have defined and implemented processes, procedures and project management tools that combine agility and structuring.
Our project management platform, an essential component of our quality system management, is strongly adapted to the nature and dynamics specific to special machine projects.
Our customer-centric organization and our collaborative tools allow fluid communication of the project team and ensure good reactivity.

We undertake project financial planning of the project from the sales phase with a regularly updated planning. A structured and agile management of changes to the scope of the project allows control of the project budget.

Our purchasing and logistics team are specialist in custom machine projects procurement. Our well-designed processes and our fully integrated information system allow us to provide smart equipment projects with the required components on time, within budget and with the required quality and compliant with customer et legal requirements.

Our custom machines solutions are safe et CE conformant thanks to security and risk assessment during the design phase. We integrate legal and regulatory compliance as project-specific requirements.
All our machines are CE conformant.

Our management of custom machine projects is based on an information system integrating all the processes of all the group’s sites and a quality management system in conformance with the ISO 9001/V2015 standard.
Our organization and our quality management system are centered on the value brought to our customers and the respect of the project objectives  (budget, deadline and quality)

ADDIXO Cable Processing PlateforM

AUTOMATIC - high precision machines coax cable processing

- Mobile and interactive HMI
- Production mode
- Flexible maintenance mode
- Easy selection of the reference
- Automated integration with MES/MOM
- Real-time performance KPIs
- Flexible and modular machine
- Standard crimp applicators
- Integrated CFM on crimping presses
- Subassembly in coils
- Drain mode
- Split cycle
- Automatic Separation of OK & NOK products

machines adapted to your products and requirements

Integrated Platform supporting up to 12 stations

- Unsheathing
- Opening the braids
- Folding braids
- Cable stripping
- Central CONTACT crimp
- Brushing
- Short circuit test
- External CONTACT crimp
- INTERFACE adapter cutout
- INTERFACE adapter stamping
- Depth measurement and control
- Cutting bad products
- Cable unloading OK

Maintenance and Industrial Production

ADDIXO, Your partner to ensure the performance of your shopfloor

Electrical wiring
Pneumatic wiring
Mechanical integration
Workstation manufacturing
Maintenance Services




Performance for the maintenance and production of your of manufacturing capabilities

ADDIXO supports you to maximize the availability and performance of your production lines.
We allows you to optimize the operating cost of your manufacturing means.
ADDIXO helps you to optimize the manufacturing cost of your machines, workstations, wiring cabinets, etc.

ADDIXO, Integrator mastering advanced technologies SERVING DEMANDING PROJECTS

ADDIXO puts its expertise at the service of its customers for the design, develop and manufacture tailored automated assembly and test machines/lines for the production of systems for the automotive, mobility, smart buildings, electrical equipment, electronic, plastics, etc.


Assembly Technologies




Marking Technologies

Dispensing Technologies
















Other Solutions


Engineering services for software development/testing, digital transformation,  and automating manufacturing operations.
We are committed to innovation, quality and performance …


Using ADDIXO Smart Factory MOM/MES product, we provide digital shopfloor solutions, that fit to the actual manufacturing processus and that are integrated with existing machines and information systems  …