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The Advantages of IT Nearshoring in Tunisia and Morocco for European Players

Cost optimization represents a major challenge for the automotive industry, crucial for maintaining its competitiveness in a highly competitive and demanding market. Expenses related to engineering services are steadily increasing, mainly due to the growing integration of various technologies and multiple electronic controllers (ECU).

The ADDIXO Group, as an editor and integrator of digital solutions in the industry, especially in the automotive sector, plays a leading role in this effort to help its clients better control their engineering expenses and research and development budgets.

With locations in France (IDF and the Grand Est), Morocco, and Tunisia, the group has implemented various strategies to ensure optimal quality while managing R&D costs.

Notably, ADDIXO has been granted the Research Tax Credit (CIR) approval in France, allowing its clients to benefit from a direct 30% cost reduction for their activities in embedded, applicative, software, automatic, and mechanical engineering.

Furthermore, ADDIXO’s Nearshore R&D centers in Tunisia and Morocco provide its clients with access to a pool of talent and expertise, as well as the ability to handle large volumes, all with Managed R&D Centers.

The geographical proximity of these Nearshore centers, cultural similarity, cost advantages, and a favorable business environment are significant assets for European clients, especially in the automotive sector, who are looking to outsource their technological activities.

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