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ADDIXO launchs machines for automated manufacturing of coaxial cable for intelligent cars

A connected car is equipped with various communication and software technologies that enable safety improvment, efficiency, comfort of the driving experience.

A connected car increasingly uses data cables and connectors. Data cables/connectors therefore play an essential role in the operation of the electronic and computing systems of the intelligent vehicle. They enable communication between devices, sensors and electronic components.

Smart car data cables must meet strict operating requirements to guarantee durability and performance, electrical insulation, safety, robust connection, capacity and quality of data transmission, compliance with regulations and industry standards.
Data cables must therefore be designed and manufactured to withstand the harsh conditions inside a vehicle, including temperature variations, humidity, vibration and shaking. They must be durable and able to support daily use while ensuring a high quality of driver experience.

The manufacturing of data cables/connectors for intelligent cars therefore requires full compliance with reliable and stable production processes. The manufacturing of data cables is initially largely manual.

OEMs are increasingly requiring automotive suppliers to transform their manual production to automated processes. Automated production of data cables/connectors requires intelligent, reliable machines with a very high level of mechanical precision and extreme quality and reliability.

ADDIXO has developed a wide range of standard and customized machines for automated production of data coaxial cables and connectors for intelligent vehicles such as Fakra cable.

ADDIXO offers also customized machines for other data cable/connector variants.

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