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ADDIXO launches the V2.0 of its IoT platform

ADDIXO launches the V2.0 of its IoT platform that facilitates the creation and deployment of IoT solutions using LoRa technology. With our platform, our customers save a considerable amount of time and resources to realize their IoT solutions.

Our platform allows you to get/set data from/to machines/equipments or sensors/objects and forward them in real time to business software applications.

Based on big data technologies, our platform scales up allowing you to manage a large flow of data from connected objects and analyze them in real time.

ADDIXO IoT Platform is compatible with leading market IoT platforms such as google IoT Core, Azure IoT Suite, Amazon AWS IoT or IBM Watson IoT.

With its open API and its capabilities of advanced data analysis and machine learning techniques, our platform makes it easy to create innovative software applications analyze and transform a large set of data into value for the enterprise.

The platform can be used in premises or on the cloud.

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