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ADDIXO employees are our human capital. They are our main wealth. ADDIXO implements an innovative policy of managing its human ressources.

Our policy is centered on the concept of « Personal Enterprise Project ». Thus ADDIXO goes beyond the management of traditional skills and careers by giving everyone the space and the means to realize their own professional project in a coherent manager with the company’s project.

ADDIXO’s values of simplicity, rigor, humanity and valorization of diversity are those that guide our policy and our organization for the development of our human capital.

A fluent organization centered on our employees

The simplicity of our organization, our processes and our information system guides the day-to-day operation of the company. Simplicity is also the agility and horizontality of our organization.

This simplicity allows everyone to focus their energy to bring value to our customers and to constantly progress professionally.

Equity and fulfillment of commitments made

ADDIXO fulfills the commitments made by the company to all its employees.

Our management style of our human capital is characterized by transparency and fairness among all employees.

Taking pleasure at work

ADDIXO strives to ensure that each employee gives meaning to his contribution to the development of the company. This is made possible by our work environment and our management style, which is characterized by empathy and proximity to our employees.

Accept everyone as he is and treat all collaborators fairly

ADDIXO accepts every collaborator as he is without any discrimination of gender, skin color, sexual practices or religions.

ADDIXO opens the doors of the company to employees with a diversified background.
The diversity of ADDIXO’s employees creates an environment fostering curiosity and innovation.


We engage talents that bear the values of ADDIXO. We engage women and men of all nationalities who are overflowing with energy and envy.
We are looking for talented people who innovate every day to help our clients succeed in their transformations.

Join us to realize your professional project in a company where we certainly work hard together to bring value to our customers while taking pleasure in doing so.