Translate your IoT ideas into reality

You have an idea of a connected object (IoT) and you don't know if the solution is feasible or how much it will cost?
We can study your idea and transform it into reality through a proof of concept, a prototype or a pilot project. ...

Effectively integrate your technical equipment / installations with your information system

You need to integrate your information system with your technical platforms (medical equipments, industrial machines, etc.) or you need to get information from various sources (sensors, camera, RFID, etc.)?
We provide the optimal solution allowing you to have real-time access to your data and effectively manage your technical platforms.
We also offer you the means to analyze your data in real time to extract the best possible value. ...

Making your equipment/materials communicating at a competitive cost

Your need a low-power, long-range transmission solution?
We deliver a complete and ready to use hardware and software infrastructure based on LoRa technologies. ...

Advice to make the best IoT choices and to transform them into value for your company

You intend to develop an IoT solution and you need assistance?
Our experts in the different layers (mechatronics, embedded software, transmission, back-end/front-end application software, robots and machine learning, big data, etc.) are available to provide a very high level of coaching.
Our engineers/consultants from the different disciplines work closely together to provide complete, innovative and high value-added IoT solutions. ...

A complete, ready-to-use IoT cloud platform

ADDIXO IoT Platform covers all layers of an IoT solution from the object layer (hardware / device) to the application layer through the data transmission layer.
The data is stored in Big Data databases (nosql) allowing the implementation of real-time analysis algorithms.
ADDIXO IoT Platform comes with all the functionalities necessary for the supervision and management of the transmission infrastructure. ...

Efficient monitoring of air quality

ADDIXO offers a ready-to-use IoT solution for monitoring air quality.
ADDIXO AZ1 is a complete solution for the analysis of air quality (oxygen, CO2, particles, etc.).
Our solution offers a very competitive solution for the monitoring of medical or industrial environments. It can also be used as a solution to monitor air quality in urban areas. ...

With our IoT solution you can easily integrate your information system with your equipment and machines

ADDIXO IZ1 is a very efficient and competitive real-time IoT solution (hardware and software) to integrate the enterprise information system (ERP, etc.) with its technical/industrial equipments.
Our solution allows bidirectional integration not only of machines with the information system but also with the operators. ...

Competitive solution to track your equipments/instruments

ADDIXO TZ1 allows you to track, trace and geolocate your instruments whether they are numerous or costly but necessary for the efficient operation of the production of your enterprise.
ADDIXO TZ1 is an IoT solution that is very complete and very easy to implement. ...

Consulting a specialist in IoT solutions

We provide consulting, coaching and support for defining and implementing your IoT strategy and solutions according to your business challenges.
Our consulting services cover the upstream phases of project definition, execution and post implementation phases. ...

Proficiency in long-range telecommunication techniques

We design, build and manufacture customizable, long-range, energy-efficient objects.
We support the installation and configuration of long-distance communication media through IoT gateways.
We implement modular and configurable IoT solutions for the management and control of all connected objects with tools for analyzing and monitoring the IoT infrastructure itself. ...

Specialist in big-data and machine learning

We design and develop cross-platform web and mobile applications that interact with connected objects in real time.
We use big data technologies and machine learning techniques to provide real-time data analysis for fast and efficient decision-making.
Our solutions can be deployed as mobile Apps, on premises or on the cloud. ...


The future of health will go through connected objects

We believe that the health sector is one of the fields that will take the most of IoT.
The digitalization of the relationship with patients / customers will allow not only to improve the quality of care but also the well-being of customers.
The digitalization of processes and organizations of institutions/providers of health services will allow an acceleration of the transformation of the entire ecosystem of health and optimize costs. ...

Integrated digital solutions

In order to allow our clients in the health sector to succeed their digital transformation, ADDIXO designs and deploys innovative and integrated digital end-to-end solutions - from the device to the software application.
We serve operators in the areas of health and well-being such as private/public institutions, paramedics operators, person support/services facilities, health insurance as well as providers of technologies for health. ...

Smart link with patients

ADDIXO's connected health solutions and multidisciplinary engineering services enable healthcare providers to develop a personalized relationship with patients/clients and improve the patient experience.
Our solutions make it possible to better monitor and anticipate medical risks in order to develop people's well-being and optimize healthcare costs. ...

Digitalization is the convergence of several disciplines

ADDIXO has developed an integrated engineering offerings from application software, through embedded software to mechatronics design et an implementation (mechanical and automation).
This allows us to design truly end-to-end digital solutions: from the object to next-generation software applications.
Our expertise of machine-learning / deep-learning techniques for medical applications allows us to deliver healthcare applications with very high added value. ...

The future will be through the strong integration of silos of health information systems and the integration of the ecosystem

Our offer of comprehensive engineering services enables healthcare providers to develop the performance of their information systems by integrating them not only with their technical platforms, equipment and their various objects but also with their partners in the ecosystem. ...

Mastering the specificities of the health sector

ADDIXO is your partner of choice for the engineering of health IT/mechatronics solutions.
We master the standards specific to the medical sector (IHE, HL7, DICOM, CE Medical).
We scrupulously respect the constraints of health applications especially the confidentiality of personal data.
We have invested in a secured IT infrastructure and facilities. ...

Anticipating new technologies for the health sector

We continuously invest in R&D and the monitoring of the various technologies applicable to the health sector. We master both the different types of software architectures (classic, cloud, SaaS, mobile), the modern software platforms (Java/JEE, Android/iOS, PHP, BigData, etc.) and the mechanical and automatic engineering. ...

A New Patient Experience. An Efficient and Personalized Care Path.

Our ADDIXO PRM for Patient Relationship Management is a software package allowing you to develop a better experience within the healthcare facility throughout the hospital journey: before admission, during the stay and after.
ADDIXO PRM innovates by developing a personalized and secure digital relationship with the patient. It allows the health facility to refocus on the patients. It promotes a hospital path focused on the quality of services offered.

PRM covers the entire cycle of the patient experience:

  • Pre-admission and preparation of upstream hospitalization by the patient
  • Fast check-in using mobile and web channels, in order to make the admission of the patient faster and smoother.
  • Push information, to keep the patient informed in the hospital as much as possible.
  • Smart Nurse Call, to bring a higher level of patient call management by tracing them and managing the quality of service, etc.
  • Smart Room Service, so that the patient can request, from the TV in his room or from a tablet, a set of value-added services offered by the hospital as well as third-party providers.
  • Smooth Checkout, like Fast Check-in, this module allows quick and easy exit.
  • Post-hospital follow-up of the patient, with personalized coaching using secure digital channels.

ADDIXO PRM implements cutting-edge technologies such as mobility, connected objects for health (IOT), and the Cloud, in compliance with the regulations in force.
ADDIXO PRM complements and integrates the existing HIS. It is open and easily interfaced with the environment of the establishment. ...

Intelligent real-time monitoring of psychiatric and bipolar patients

Addixo PZ1 is an innovative digital solution that allows health professionals and parents to coach and monitor patients in order to anticipate their depressive episodes with bipolar disorders.
The Addixo PZ1 suite collects data in real time and thanks to its machine-learning engine it allows professionals and parents to follow-up intelligently in real-time patients suffering from psychiatric and bipolar illnesses.
PZ1 maintains the relationship between patient and parents/medical staff in a flexible, secure and efficient manner. ...

A robot of a smart and connected rehabilitation

ADDIXO develops a new generation of robots for rehabilitation of the wrist namely ADDIXO RZ1.
It is intended to offer a maximum mobility to the joint. The device is characterized by a flexible design to ensure the two types of wrist rehabilitation exercise: flexion/extension and abduction/adduction.
ADDIXO RZ1 is an intelligent and connected robot that allows physiotherapists to follow the physiotherapy sessions of their patients and to remotely modify the parameters of the sessions (angle, speed) of rehabilitation in real time. ...


The Zero Scrap Industry

At the dawn of a new industrial age characterized by an even higher requirement of efficiency (zero waste) and more drastic respect for the environment and social responsibility, old age standard of static production practices will give way to new agile and dynamic processes. ...

The future of the industry is through customized products

Currently the competitiveness of markets has reached a point that success will be played on strong personalization of the products from the design starting point.
This requires production processes are no longer based on the massive intervention of cheap labor but on more empowered people and smart machines and tools.
Prediction, agility, intelligent supervision/control are the new characteristics of an agile, digital factory capable of adapting quickly to the constraints of customizable products. ...

Highly intelligent, connected and robotized factory

With its expertise in the industrial field, ADDIXO accompanies its customers in the most demanding sectors such as automotive, pharmaceutical, and aeronautics to help them successfully enter the Industry 4.0 era.
The transformation of the industry is characterized by a new generation of robotization and the massif deployment of connected objects.
Usage of smarter and connected objects and the new-generation of robots – coworker robots (cobot) and software/hardware robots (cohots) make it possible to achieve new degrees of industrial requirements terms of customization, efficiency, performance and agility. ...

Chain of competences needed for engineering manufactoring transformation

ADDIXO is singled out by the integrating of the expertise from the multiple disciplines required in the engineering for the industry (mechatronics, automation, electronics, embedded software, information technology and telecommunications).
Our engineers and consultants work closely together to deliver innovative solutions for our customers.
ADDIXO invests heavily in IoT, Bigdata, machine and deep learning technologies for better servicing our customer in the industry sector. ...

Advice for the optimization of the machine and industrial processes

ADDIXO provides advisory and consulting services to our customers to help them optimize their industrial tools and machineries. We help our customers to improve the productivity, quality and agility of their factories and to the meet Industrie 4.0 challenges. ...

Industrial Engineering from Design to Implementation

ADDIXO offers an engineering services covering all phases of the life cycle of machines/production solutions, from feasibility studies, to commissioning, through research and development of innovative solutions. ...

Machine Learning for Industry

Our mastery of machine-learning technics and connected objects for industrial applications, as well as our long experience in industrial field (industrialization, development of production lines, production processes, quality standards, etc.), enable us to assist our customers to follow their path to industry 4.0. ...

Intelligent industrial machines with high technological content

ADDIXO designs, manufactures and maintains custom machines used for assembly, on-line testing, laboratory testing, inspection testing by mass production plants. ...

High-performance, high-quality engineering and R&D services

ADDIXO provides its partners with high standard and competitive service offering for engineering and R&D in the mechanical, electronic, automated and industrial IT sectors.
ADDIXO is specialized in demanding industrial sectors such as automotive, electronics / electrical, aeronautics, pharmaceutical laboratories. ...

Boost Your Industrial Performance with ADDIXO Smart Factory

ADDIXO Smart Factory is your solution on the way to Industry 4.0. ADDIXO Smart Factory is a software and hardware suite that makes the digitization of the factory a reality.
ADDIXO Smart Factory makes the processes of industrial production more agile, optimizes and integrates them with the rest of the enterprise.
The ADDIXO Smart Factory Suite collects and interprets all factory production events from the floor and forwards them to the intended recipients, including production teams, quality, methods and industrialization, maintenance, and managers.
Leveraging advanced technologies in Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Cloud, our ADDIXO Smart Factory ensures that all production events arrive at the right time, in the right place, and with the right interpretation while matching them with the rest of the data from the company's information system. ...

Energy Saving

With its smart and connected meter and software application ADDIXO EZ1 is a complete solution for monitoring and optimizing the energy consumption of different lines/parts of your facilities. ...

About Us

Digitalization is an opportunity for an even-higher performance

New and profound changes are taking place across our societies and economies on a global, regional and national scales.
After globalization and production at low cost here is the time for widespread intensive usage of technologies in companies and this all over the world.
Not only do enterprises face even greater pressure to improve their economic performance and the quality of their products and services from their traditional competitors from all over world, but they do have also to develop their shares in a market changed by the new disruptive digital players.

True personalization of products and services is required

It is true that customers have always demanded to be treated in their specificities and not as a data in a cloud of points.
The new fact is that new technologies (Iot, bigdata, artificial intelligence, cloud, etc.) offer economically profitable opportunities that make possible the change of companies' relationships with their customers.
Thus, companies have an unprecedented opportunity to transform themselves and personalize the relationship with their customers.

And if you do not do it others will do it for you! ...

Succeeding the digital transformation of our customers

Our mission is to assist our customers in their digital transformation and to make the market digital transformation an opportunity for them.
We help our customers face the challenges of digital disruptions in their market.
We accompany them to deploy proactively and very rapidly digital innovations of their products and services, their processes and their organizations. The ultimate goal is to help them deliver truly personalized products and services to their customers.

Time-to-market delivery of end-to-end IoT solutions

We design and implement rapidly end-to-end digital solutions, thanks to the acceleration of our technical platforms and our engineering know-how of the various layers of digital solutions.
Indeed, we master all the disciplines covering the mechanical, electronic, automated layer, the layer of objects / machines which we make connected and intelligent, the layer of data collection / transport / storage, data analysis and decision-making applications with very high added value.

Making machines and equipment with high technological content and « digitized »

We enable our customers to have more efficient technical platform (equipments, machinery, tools, etc.). well integrated with the rest of the company, its information system and its organization.
A technical platform that we craft and adapt to the production constraints of our customers and that we make intelligent and connected.
Thus, the digitalized technical platform becomes a vector for the digitalization of the company and its success.
We deliver this because our custom machinery expertise and our mastery of industrial engineering disciplines. ...

The values of simplicity, commitment, humanity and the valorization of diversity make ADDIXO a company capable of exceeding the expectations of its customers to whom it brings a continuous high added value.
The same values inspire our relationship with our customers and guide our engagement towards our employees.
This enables us to attract and retain the best talent to help our clients surpass themselves.

Digitization is the simplification of the complex

Simplifying the processes, organizations and production tools of our customers is our raison d'être.
Simplicity allows each of the stakeholders with our customers organization to gain in efficiency and focus their energy to serve their own customers.
A promise kept with the innovative digital solutions that we deliver to our customers.

Agile and structured

We strive to respect all our commitments vis-à-vis our customers, our partners and our employees.
This is made possible by our culture of rigor, our agile and structured organization, and our ability to innovate and transform ourselves continuously.

Empathy and closeness

We pay close attention to the issues and expectations of our clients in order to constantly give meaning to our initiatives towards our clients.
Our culture is empathic for our clients and their customers.
We also strive to maintain a constant proximity with our customers in order to help them anticipate and overcome their challenges.

Diversity is a wealth

Diversity for us is to help our customers so that they stand out in their market.
The diversity of our talents is a wealth that enriches our customers too. ...

Imed Ayadi

CEO & Founder
INPG / ENSIMAG – France computer sciences engineer
27 years international IT experience – France, USA, UK, MEA

Mohamed Ben Reguiga

COO & Manager of digital health BU
Software engineer – PMP certified
15 years international experience (finance/health/industry)

Walid Yakoubi

Manager of mechatronics BU.
Mechatronic engineer.
Strong field experience in high demanding industries.

Ezzeddine Jrad

Ezzeddine Jrad

Production Manager of mechatronics BU
Mechatronic Engineer
10 plus experience in the field of high demanding industries.


ADDIXO becomes a member of SIA

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The startup MOPSOS, newborn of the ADDIXO group

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ADDIXO launches the V2.0 of its IoT platform

ADDIXO launches the V2.0 of its IoT platform that facilitates the creation and deployment of IoT solutions using LoRa technology. ...

ADDIXO participates to the CATEL Réseau 2017 Congress

ADDIXO joined the professional association CATEL Réseau. CATEL Réseau is focused on developing the use of eHealth solutions in France and internationally. ADDIXO takes part in the ...

ADDIXO becomes a member of Syntec Numérique

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